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Portland State   //   Studio 481   //   Prof. Todd Ferry

Designed in response to the rapidly expanding housing crisis in Portland, Oregon resulting from insufficient investment in equitable housing, this project proposes a temporary solution for the nearly 3,000 individuals (as of September, 2020) who find themselves unsheltered every night.

By utilizing pre-existing light rail stops located throughout urban cores, micro-shelters can be built into stations to assist homeless individuals with temporary nightly shelter. Fitted within re-designed station columns and activated in
less than a minute, shelters are deployed once commuter traffic has ended. If each station was retro-fittied with this system, nearly 1,500 houseless persons could be sheltered nightly - nearly half of the unhoused population.

houselessness and transit lines - density mapping

proposed shelter set up diagram

day & night station transformation 

proposed shelter section 

proposed shelter axonometric